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Footwear Essentials for Summer

If shoes and accessories make the style, you need the right pair, right? Of course, when it comes to shoes for the summer, these are some of the basics in terms of footwear summer essentials to consider purchasing for your closet.


 Who doesn't love the gladiator sandal? They are dressy, casual, light, or can be dressed down. You can find them in higher or lower heel styles, strappy or strapless, full zip or half. They are made by top designer names, come in various colours and prints, and you can find them in formal leather, to softer, cheaper, canvas material options.


 The canvas style shoe with flexible rope material screams summer. They are great in hotter, dry climates, they come in several colour and designs, and light canvas materials, offer a unique blend which you can dress up or down, depending on where you plan on wearing them. Further, designer names like Chanel, Michael Kors, or Gucci, have made this a very popular style in recent years.

Boat shoes 

 Of course; with summer around the corner, boat parties, water events, and being around the dock are a given. Boat shoes are cute, stylish, light in weight, and of course won't get damaged in the water. Rubber soles, comfortable insoles, and light variant colours and prints, all add to the allure of this shoe.


 Dressy gladiators, wedges, flip flops, you name the style or theme, and you need them in the closet. Of course you want to show off the pedicure, but you are also going to want to avoid sweaty feet on a hot summer day. What better way than with open shoes?

 Regardless of where you plan on going, how you dress or if you are dressing it up or down, these are some must have additions to your closet in terms of shoes, with summer just around the corner. If you would like to see a list of catalogues which offer these types of footwear then you can visit

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