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My Jihad This Ramadhan


June is here! Aside from being my favorite month, Ramadhan is also fast approaching! Alhamdulillah. If you could only tell my excitement, it is oozing. 

This year has been a great lesson to me and my mother. It brought a lot of trials that we have never thought of experiencing. Alhamdulillah, we are conquering them slowly by the Mercy of Allah SWT.

This Ramadhan, I am making a jihad, it is my own struggle to achieve betterment in my worship. In sha Allah. Ever since I started Hijabi Mag, it has given me a whole new outlook about life and reality. The truth is, I was living in a nutshell thinking that I should be great and I deserve better. Now, I am more into making myself better for the sake of Allah and all that surrounds me.

So, what are my jihad this Ramadhan 1436?

Read 5 pages of Qur'an + translation every day. 
I have been reading the Qur'an on and off. This time, I want to really push myself into reading it with conviction and wholeheartedly understanding its meaning. I want to defy my own negative attitudes such as procrastination.

Memorize more duas. 
The truth is, the duas I know are so few in number. I need to add at least 5-10 duas every week. I have been traveling here and there, but I still cannot recite the whole dua without peeping at my Fortress of a Muslim pocket book.

Pray extra.
By that, I mean, pray sunnah and qiyam. It is not a problem praying qiyam, but often, I get too lazy to pray sunnah. This needs real adjustment if I want to be better. I mean, how can one be better when he cannot even pray an extra rakaat?

Be a hands-on caregiver to my sixty-year old sick mother.
Ever since my mom transferred to Zamboanga City, I am not the one who takes care of her anymore. Though I used to be her personal caregiver + nurse, with the distance and the nature of my work, I just couldn't. This time, I want to be the very person to be there for her. (May this huge change be for the better for both of us. I know it will not be easy, but as long as I am with her physically, it is okay.)

Blog more about Islam, lifestyle and personal development.
I have been blogging about beauty and fashion since 2011. This time, I want to focus more on inspiring young lads to be better and have a more meaningful life than glamour and fame. In sha Allah, you will be seeing more of the topics on my blogs and, of course, on Hijabi Mag.

Write a journal more. 
And I don't mean an online journal. I want to create a whole new personal space for my own consumption at home. In sha Allah, I will be able to focus on myself and be better when I write about my daily ramblings.

Read more inspirational books.
Reading has always been a pleasure. This time, I am taking it to the next level by reading more about inspirational and motivational books. Of course, I want to balance life and hereafter. Inspirational books may be a good input to the mind and soul as to how to achieve goals in this world and the hereafter.

Let go of the hurtful past and let the future be a mystery.
I always have a tendency to dwell on the past and be paranoid about the future. This is actually what you get when you have undertaken the many business strategies as a subject in college. You tend to plan and focus on it and forget that no matter how you plan, there is The Best of Planners Who takes care of all your business. This time, I will put emphasis on the qadr of Allah. And how I should live in the present as if it were my last. 

Those were just some of the jihads I will be facing this Ramadhan. In sha Allah, I will be able to achieve these. The aforementioned are not as easily done as I have written it. However, with persistence, I can do it. 

It is never too late to start anew. 




  1. All the best for you sis. And you have a beautiful sincere list here. In shaa Allah, this ramadan will be the best for all of us. Ameen.


  2. Such a great and helpful post! I am going to save this so I can remind myself!



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