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Comeback Post


Woooow! It has been a while since my last post. I lost the blogging spirit while in Japan. I guess I was too busy enjoying the whole training. Anyway, I am back home in Tawi-Tawi and I am really happy with the Japan trip.

I am missing my colleagues so much already. Argh. I hate separation anxiety and I wish to see them again sooner. It was like I found friends who knows me already and can talk to. I found my brothers and sisters in this training. We are from different professions, geographical areas and ethnicities; yet, I feel so at home with them. Ma sha Allaah.

During our Pinoy Henyo sessions before classes.
I also bought a lot in Japan. I bought  phone, clothes, food etc. The downside is the fact that my headphones died on me during the trip back home. T____T Now, I would have to buy another one and I am currently looking at this site for cute, functional and wireless headphones. If you happen to find a cute pink wireless headphones, please let me know.

Obligatory mirror selfie before leaving Hiroshima International Plaza

New found best friend, Ben. My Olaf in snowy Japan.
Aww. The entire trip was amazing. I would probably create many separate posts for our tours and classes. I would really love to re-echo what I learned in Japan.

I would be posting the entire Japan trip under one label: #JapanDiaries




  1. Im glad you had fun in Japan and Im glad you're back now!

  2. Aww, so happy that you had a wonderful trip! Sorry about the headphones though...

    Wow, you managed a shot while walking on the tarmac and it turned out so nice too! Kai got skillz.

    Love the middle photo - you've got that pout down to a science! hehe.


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