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Homecoming Dresses at DressV

Our alma mater has done so many favors for us. We would not have reached our current status without the help of our professors, classmates, batchmates and friends. Truly, it is in our schools that we find our second home.

Thus, the idea of homecoming events came. Since our school served as our second home, our teachers as our second parents, our classmates and friends as our siblings, it is enough reason to go back and pay a visit.

Many schools organize homecoming events. Say for example, my university, Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology, had its 12th Grand Alumni Homecoming last July 12, 2014. It's sad to note that I wasn't able to attend due to distance constraints.

For events like this, looking for something to wear is always one of the problems of attendees. But fret no more because we can always look for beautiful vintage homecoming dresses at which are inexpensive.

For those nonhijabis and nonMuslims, DressV is the place to be when you are looking for cocktail dress for your homecoming, prom, and wedding events. Of course, there are long gowns available there for Muslims like me, too. There is something for everybody at DressV. ^^


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