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Jewelry for Medicinal Reasons

Jewelry made from minerals and ores have been used for medicinal reasons since the ancients walked the planet. They might not have known about trace minerals in the body or how they positively affected the immune system. It may have escaped them that musculoskeletal pains, such as arthritis, could be alleviated using this jewelry. In a Mayo Clinic study, it was found that the study group wearing copper bracelets felt less pain than the study group wearing jewelry of alternative makeup.

Cooper, iron and zinc are trace elements in the body but their functions are more than just traces. Iron strengthens the blood while zinc strengthens the immune system. Copper helps the body use zinc and iron, much like the Vitamin D in sunlight helps the body absorb Vitamin C. Wearing copper bracelets allows the body to absorb these minerals into the skin.

These attractive items of jewelry come in styles for both men and women. They do, however, need to be fitted to the wearer, so measurements should be taken. Styles include twists to look like vines, braids or waves. The come styled as chains or basket weaves. They can be wide and cuff-like or slim as a golden chain. The bracelets can be gold and silver on top and copper on the inside. As such, they can have a brushed effect or the gold and silver can have a hammered effect. With a wide variety of styles available, a healthy body is as close as a copper bracelet.

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  1. Do they really enter your body through your skin-pores? Medyo skeptic ako diy haha though I should read more researches on that


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