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My Eid 2013

In some parts of the Philippines, we celebrated Eid today, August 8, 2013. It is actually my first in three years to be able to pray on Eid again. Alhamdulillaah. During the past three consecutive years, I am not able to pray due to girly reason. #IhopeYouGetWhatIMean

So today, I was ecstatic to pray. I spent Eid with my college batchmates and friends at Quirino Grandstand. It is actually my first eid away from my mom and relatives. It was so sad, but I can't do anything aside from Sabr.

It was refreshing to actually be able to pray again. I am more than blessed this Ramadhan 2013 because I am able to accomplish things I thought that were impossible back in the days. Though, the seemingly-to-rain situation is one of the reasons why the prayer has been commenced earlier, the feeling of eid is still there. Mashaa Allaah.

After Eid prayer and khutbah, we snapped some photos for memorabilia. We even asked some foreigners, Sudanese to be exact, to take photos with us. And they were totally down with it. Too bad, we were not able to ask their names. Btw, they look so pretty in their black abayas. Mashaa Allaah.

After some photos, we went directly to SM Mall of Asia to feed the bellies. Guess what! We arrived there at 8:30 am. Not too early huh? Lol! Only few food establishments were open that time.

Spent the morning at Coffee Bean. Then roamed around MOA before we went for lunch at Bonchon.

Btw, yes. I belong. 

Finally, here's an obligatory outfit photo for Eid. It's my bestfriend's graduation gift for me. I think it's super pretty. ^_____^

Till my next post (which I have no idea when). hahaa. need to rest. Kbye.
Eid Mubarak sisters in faith.


  1. Hi, sis! Not sure how the greeting should go but happy end of ramadan for you guys! May Allah bless you more and more each day! <3

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  3. Great post!!
    We can follow each other?)

  4. Woooow kai you're so pretty! even more with your outfit! <3 love the outfit, so beautiful, promise ;) I didn't know it was celebrated at the Quirino Grandstand, wow, ang dami niyo O.O that's just awesome, being faithful to Allah :) May Allah bless you more :)

  5. woww you all look so colorful and gorgeous:) hope you had an awesome time <3


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