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BYS Kohl Eyeliner Black - Review

It's been a while since I've posted reviews of makeup products that I am using. I just don't have the enthusiasm to do so.

I am an avid fan of eyeliners. Probably because I have eyes that look pitiful and angry at the same time, I always put eyeliners whenever I feel like going out. Though I am also in love with gel liners, I still prefer eyeliners especially when I am in a rush.

Just few days ago, I purchased one from a new brand (new for me) that I saw in SM Department Store.

This is a BYS Kohl Eyeliner Pencil review.

I am really not familiar with the product. But I know that they invited my Northern Mindanao blogger friends when they were launching in Cagayan de Oro. 

Consistency 4.5/5

It has the consistency that I like. There are these eyeliners that are difficult to use because of the hard-as-rock consistency. But this one is just perfect. It's not to soft to actually have the stick inside melt nor hard. 

Pigment 4/5

Pigment is "okay" black when you put it on. I like black liners since I have these sad/angry looking eyes. Because it's kohl, I like it more.

Price 4/5

It's affordable. I can't remember the exact price coz I threw away the receipt already. But I think it's more or less Php100. 


  • It's not waterproof. So, be careful not to smudge your eyes or you'll end up looking like a panda. 
  • Since I bought the one that needs to be sharpened once in a while, so yeah. I put it as a con. However, you can always buy the other one for an additional amount. Your choice.

Indoor lighting. Top photo: without flash. Bottom photo: with flash.

Outdoor lighting. Top photo: without flash. Bottom photo: with flash.

Verdict: 4/5

I love this one. I am saying goodbye to all other eyeliners that I have in my makeup kit. They make my eyes sag because of the hard consistency. Pft. So, yeah. It's a must-try. ^___^

Sorry! No photo of actual use. I am too lazy to put makeup and hijab on!!! Thanks for understanding a lazy girl.

In other light, I am currently going loco over this Canon 7D DSLR camera that's owned by my college bestfriend, Menchie Anne. I've been trying to know more about big cameras such as this one. Oh well, I've got a long way to go. 

And here's my decent shot of the day. Took a while to finally get this photo.

What do you think? ^___^


  1. I have new BYS products too but haven't tried yet ^ ^ ... I've heard their liners are good.
    Oh nice cam <3

  2. BYS is a new brand nga. hihihi :D I have never tried their products though.. but their eyeliner looks promising somehow naman. hihihihi :D Anyway, nice shot on that bear. so cute :D

  3. i have some bys products but havent tried them yet! your post made me excited to try them :D

  4. nice one!i rarely found hijabi beauty blogger. :) #GIG

  5. Ib have a few of their products! ung galing sa lootbag.. d ko pa nagagamit ever. lol Ung iba pinamigay ko na. they gave us eyeliners too kaso in neons! :D))) they have affordable stuff. im eyeing on their foundation and base creams mura kasi plus d sya mabigat sa face!

  6. Haven't tried that yet but the price is good and affordable. :) Nice shot you got there for your subject :)

  7. I've been meaning to try any product from BYS. Nice review. I want to try their eye liners and matte foundation. :)

  8. aww i wish i was in the philippines! i'd really love to try some brands from there :)

  9. The price really got my attention. I'm sick of gel liners already and liquid eyeliners tend to stick to my lashes. Better give kohl eyeliners a try. Do they have a waterproof version of this?


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