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Why Do You Hate Me?

If there is a religion that suffers so many criticisms nowadays, it is Islam, my religion and the religion of the 23.4% of the people of the world. Yes, Islam is now the world's largest religion.

I know most of my readers are from the Philippines. And most of those in the north have bad connotations on my religion because of the way media has badly publicized it. Here's the thing, if Islam is that bad, I would not have fallen in love with this religion.

I am not perfect. There are aspects of my life that I've gone astray. I have worn the hijab since I was four. Then during sophomore years in college, shaitan seemed to have mixed up my mind. I wore the hijab, but my hair is seen. I wore clothes that I should not be wearing. You know, those fitted t-shirts that's hip in the Philippines.

Then, when I reached my junior year, I tried to reflect. I wanted my life back. When you think about what other people want you to wear, say, see, or hear, where is freedom in that? I'd rather obey what God has asked me to. After all, people are people. You live, you die. And God? He is always there.

I know, up to this day, I have not yet fulfilled an ounce of my religion's true practices. That goes with the colourful clothes I wear that seem to still attract attention. I am slowly coping up. And maybe one day, In Allaah's time, I will be of my parent's greatest pleasure. In the sense that I may help them in Akhirat. Coz, only a child can help his/her parents. And the other way around is not possible.

So tell me. How can you hate on my religion when it does nothing but change me to become a better person? How can you say that I've lost my rationale when I fully understood the beauty of Islamic life?

Lastly, tell me frankly, how can you think badly about others when you don't even know what they are practicing or preaching? Think about it.

Start today. Read the Qur'an. You will be amazed.

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