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Happy 20th Year, Bestfriend

Monina is my super bestfriend.We've known each other for sixteen years already. Sixteen beautiful years spent for a well-bonded friendship.

Best, on your 20th birthday, I wish you all the beauty of earth and hereafter. 

It has been a year since we saw each other and I miss you the most. I miss every second we talked and chatted. I miss your constant blabbing. You are one of the people I trust the most. You have been my warrior in times when I am so weak. You are my angel in times I become so evil. You are my twin when I want to have fun. You are everything I am.

I love you and I miss you. Happy 20th birthday. :)



  1. Ow birthday din ng bestfriend mo. Yung isa sa mga bestfriends ko kakabirthday lang din. hehe. Grabe ang tagal nio na magbestfriend. So childhood palang magkasama na kayo. Buti pa kayo. hehehe. kami ilang years palang hehe

  2. :) happpy birthday to your bestfriend! i miss my bestfriend too... :)

  3. sweet. happy birthday to your best friend! :D

  4. awww.. this is a cute and sweet video sis :) I have never tried doing a video presentation for my best friend yet though :( but you're giving me ideas.. <3

    belated happy birthday to your best friend! :)

  5. awww..that's a sweet and cute video presentation to your bestfriend sis. hihihihi.. :) I have never tried doing a video presentation for my friend yet... hehhehe.. now you're giving me ideas. ahihihihihi.. :D

    Belated happy birthday to your best friend! :)

  6. Sweetness <3
    Happy birthday to her ^ ^

  7. Oh I cant believe it! You guys beat me and my bestfriend! hahaha. We've known each other for like 8 years and I though it's really rare these days to have friends that long. Anywho, happy happy celebration to the both of you! real friends are really hard to find you know ;)
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