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Types of Studying People

I have listed some of the types of people when they are studying. We all agree when I say that each of us vary in the way we study. So, I made my list according to what I have noticed for fifteen years of being a student.

  • SILENCERs. These people cannot study when there is noise. Preferably, they will study early in the morning to avoid the noise brought by the day and evening. When I say early in the morning, I meant from 3 am to 5am. I know many people who are silencer. You cannot really make a noise when they are studying, or else, you will end up scolded.

  • CRAMMERS. These type of students are usually those who wants to cram. They will do everything in a single night, even if they will study 10 chapters for a night alone. Busy people are most likely to become crammers since they do not have much time to spend each day for their study habits.

  • OVERNIGHTERS. This usually are people who will get ready for a major examination. A week or three days before the exam, the said person will spend his whole night and day studying with high hopes for the exam.

  • NOISE-ABSORBERS. They are people who can deal with the noise while studying. Good thing for noise-absorbers is that they are able to study anywhere.

  • LONG-TIMERS. These people spend long hours studying. They differ from overnighters for the fact that they study on a regular basis. However, information just takes long to be absorbed and comprehended by their brain cells.

  • GLANCERS. These people are my most-envied. They just glance through pages of the book. They have photographic memory. Once they see something, it will be imprinted in their minds. They are good at memorization, however, not all can be good at analysis and creativity.

  • ONE-TIMERS. This people are those who studies once in a blue moon. You'll be surprised if they study.

So, those are some of the types of the people and their way of study habits. You can be any of those. I, myself, can be more than one of those aforementioned people. The situation is a constraint to my study habits. So, it really doesn't have to be consistent.

What type do you think you are?


  1. imba talaga yung mga glancers na yan haha grabe utak nila hehe. ako dun ako sa noise-absorbers at one-timers (?) hahaha.

    nakakapagrebyu ako kahit maingay. mas gusto ko nga yun kasi pag tahimik inaantok ako haha. tapos overnighter din pala ako. di ko kasi kaya gumising ng maaga eh. kaya puyat lage. hahaha

  2. naka relate ako sis ! :D siguro nasa one-timers ako ? hahah ! o di kaya sa noise-absorbers xD ayaw ko sa mga silencers nakakainis. ang OA xD ung board mate ko kasi ganyan pati ba naman ingay ng tv magdadabog sya kasi di sya makaka study o.O


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