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A Decade Or So

Everyone has their share of moments with a person they call their BEST FRIEND. I also have my story. We have been bestfriends ever since elementary. We were in this group called CyberClique at school which brought us to the world of computer. CC has 19 members at the start and soared into 24 members. I remember, we used to have this necklace with a CC symbol inside.

Moving on, highschool was the best part because it is when I have been very close with Monin. Kumbaga, it is the turning point of our friendship into reality. Naks! I have been sharing all of my darkest and brightest secrets with her. She is my bestfriend, and adviser at the same time. Nagiging crazy adviser nga lang sometimes.

Despite everything, our friendship remains standing. We had never quarreled much. And I hope we will never do. To sum everything up, here is a photo of me and my bestfriend (sometimes called as my twin):

How about you guys? What is your friendship story?


  1. you do look alike sis lol.

    i have close friends but we dont see each other that much anymore :(

  2. that's a very inspiring story. :) I also had a bestfriend before. But I seldom see her now.

  3. wow. that's really cool! I miss my bestfriend already but it turns out that she has a new bestfriend.. :( I don't know but I might as well support her for that. We barely see each other, that's why.


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