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I hate…

Basically, I hate guys who brags about something they have achieved from a girl (if you know what I mean). It degrades the pride of the certain girl. As if, there is someone who would appreciate a guy who blabs about what he has done to his girl.
The Story:

A friend of mine texted me saying that he has done the most exciting thing to his girl. And man! He has lost it when he said that. So, I will keep his name private for his sake because I know there are hundreds from my place who come and read my site. :D

Basically, for any girl from my tribe, it is degrading if people finds out about it. So, I texted my friend back that he should not have told me about those things because it is primarily private.

Here’s the thing, to all the boys, it does not make you any greater than God if you blab about things you’ve done. And please, don’t start on me. I am conservative! ;)


  1. I know a lot of guys who keeps doing that too. Especially if they're talking to other guys, Gawd, they make the words so vulgar and tactless and brutal that it keeps me wondering if they have any respect for their girlfriends at all.

    I think majority of guys are like that.*poor us girls* :(

  2. Guys like this are annoying. D: D: I don't like this kind of guys!

  3. i totally agree with you sis, tsk, i hate that kind of boys too, saying those things doesnt really makes them great. tsk, i really pity girls who has a guy like that. tsk.

  4. wow what a jerk! and he actually think it's cool?

    well some guys are just so selfish.

  5. is that a kiss-and-tell thingy?

    well it's really not good to do it. especially when it's malicious. but if a guy's saying a good part like "I've given her some roses and it made her smile" or something like that, it will be good since he's proud of his girl.

    but if it's a private thing, it should be kept between the two of them.

  6. That's completely unacceptable! Guys should know how to keep things just between him and his girl. Being such a tattle tale shows how disrespectful he is. Tsk.

  7. that guy probably doesn't know what the word private is. :/ it really is degrading if other people hears about it. boys' nature are soooo.. -.-

  8. yeah me too .. ii know a lot of guys keeps doing this .. :)

  9. your'e really right about that sis. minsan yung mga boys. lumalaki na mga ulo nila because of that. jeeez ! I hate those kinda boys !

  10. I don't like guys like these. >.<


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