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Sponsorships are also welcomed.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The sponsorship or advertisement should cover the agreement made by both parties during the negotiation.

  2. Should the sponsorship or advertisement be for a product review, sponsored post or adspace, the products should be allowed in Islam or halal. Prohibited products are not welcome (i.e., pork, intoxicants, nonmodest clothings). 

  3. Any sponsorship or advertisement should be wholesome and should not contain any adult content. This is a rated PG website and advertisers are expected to be wholly wholesome by the readers.

  4. Any product sponsored for review is nonreturnable. Products should be in line with my blog. However, I can make arrangements for other products as well.

  5. Advertising links and banners should not contain adult, racism, and sexist content. Those related to fashion, beauty, cosmetics, apparel, and personal care are highly considered.

  6. Payments are to be sent via Paypal. However, for local (Philippine) advertisers, I will accept any mode of payment such as Cebuana Lhuillier, Western Union, and bank transfers.

  7. When the parties have already agreed, implied contract is done at that moment.

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